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Candice Morgan
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Candice Morgan I discovered this track purely by chance as I worked at the desktop. The radio played in the background when, out of the blue, 'Pale Blue Dress' demanded my full, undivided attention. Imagination and memory stirred and mused on the seductive 'swinging of hips'. Beautiful. Favorite track: Pale Blue Dress.
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Originally released on the Feedback Loop label, our debut album is now available with 3 bonus tracks.

I have kept a dream journal for years. As a poet and visual artist, I love the images that arrive when we're sleeping, and I use these in my work. I also believe in visions or signs. I feel that nature offers us symbolic gifts that can guide us while we're awake.

Each of the four "poem songs" within "Dreams" emerged differently. A singer I once knew described her dream to me while we were sitting in a Minneapolis coffee shop. To honor her vivid description, I wrote "Wenn's Dream." Stuck in traffic in Tampa, and listening to Cajun music on the hip people's radio station WMNF, I heard the first lines for "Pale Blue Dress." I composed "Royal Suitors" from a dream I had about cheating death and playing cards with a friend of mine. I saw the poem "Heart Trip" as I watched a fellow poet on stage during a reading. I remember thinking that while most poets have strong hearts, we are also a bit shy and cowardly about sharing them.

Through the poetry of "Dreams," I hope to momentarily capture what connects and personalizes us through the common experiences of sleep, and our interpretations of the symbols within which we find individual meaning.

Michelle Seaman of The Dwindlers


released November 5, 2010

Michelle Seaman, Vox
Benjamin Dauer, Music

originally released by Feedback Loop
Tracks 1-4 mastered by panicStudios
Tracks 5-7 mastered by Benjamin Dauer
photo by Jessica Aliaga Lavrijsen
cover design by Leonardo Rosado
(cc) by nc nd November 2010




The Dwindlers Washington D.C., D.C.

The Dwindlers are poet, Michelle Seaman, and bassist & composer, Benjamin Dauer.

Our musical collaboration began in 2002 in the "Grey Sea" metropolis of Chicago, continued in a home recording studio surrounded by the pine trees and "Pollinators" of North Carolina, and thrives now among the cherry blossoms, gingko trees, museums, and politics of Washington, D.C. ... more

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